This testprint is a combination of twelve different prints and resembles the striped marble cathedrals of Tuscany,  the region where these scarves are produced. The scarf includes the prints Baby Giant Clams, Tallbark, Pelarbok, Blåklint, Äppleblom, Plommonblom, Blåsippa, Lupiner, Pioner x 2, Scilla and Amaryllis.

100% washed habotai silk.
Measurements 135 x 160 cm.
Cut - no hem
Made in Tuscany, Italy.

This item is produced and finished by hand.
The luxury of the thread gives the material its distinctive touch and the imperfection of the dyeing process are not defects but the characteristic of the article.
Delicate wash or dry clean is recommended in order to preserve the quality of the scarf.

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